Zuzana Miková

She established the bands Zu-Za and the Zuzana Miková Quintet, with which she did numerous concerts in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. With Zu-Za she also performs with a former member of Hot Chocolate Jim Ferguson. Zu-Za is among the top 50 best Czech bands in the RGM contest. She started to sing with girls band called The Apples.

She participated in the project of German conductor Friedemann Riehle called Rockestra, within which she performed in a number of countries, e.g. Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Island or Turkey. She was in Superstar TOP 40, she sang in the German band of Raimund Mirer, with public performances in Switzerland and Germany. She spent the year in England (London) and devoted herself to improving her English and singing in local club bands.

She took third place in the Czech Talent contest.

She became a finalist of the prestigious Czech Zlíntalent (The Talent of Zlín) contest.

She took second place in the Děčínská nota (The Note of Děčín) contest with her own band and authorial song.

Although she was the youngest participant at Mladá píseň Jihlava (The Young Song of Jihlava), of one of the most significant Czech contests, she won the main Karel Vágner prize – the possibility to record her own single. She won the TV Nova singing programme called Rozjezdy pro hvězdy ( The Takeoff of Stars).

At the personal invitation of Chris Norman

Was the main guest of his tour "The hits tour 2012" alongside the Czech Republic together with the girls band The Apples.

Young Czech musician Zuzana Miková was born in Nové Město na Moravě, where she lived all her childhood. She grew up surrounded by music. It was her parents who introduced her to music, when in the first form of elementary school; she began attending piano lessons at the elementary school of art.

At the age of eleven she also started to engage in singing. ... She was admitted to the Prague Conservatory. As early as during her studies there she began singing with a number of bands.